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Case 1

A very challenging case where we need to close a big space with gum between two front teeth receded a lot along with fractured enamel edges. The treatment involved no cutting of tooth structure only very fine microetching and carefully selected blend of shades to achieve a harmonious and highly esthetic results.

Case 2

A young girl came to us for her smile enhancement and want treatment for severe brown stains on her teeth because of dental fluorosis. As she was cost conscious, we discussed, planned and did tooth coloured multilayered bonded composite veneers.

A special composite to mask underlying brown colour was used and veneers stood test of time that is almost 9 years, she saw us last month for a cleaning appointment. We were thrilled along with patient to see stability and longevity of these veneers.

Case 3

A grade 8 girl accidentally fell on the ground while playing field hockey and got her front teeth fractured. A SINGLE VISIT treatment involving micro etching along with carefully crafted direct tooth coloured composites in multiple layers did the magic for our patient and she was able to SMILE with confidence again. A happy moment for all of us.

Case 4

A boy in grade 6 accidentally fell while hiking and got his front teeth fractured. A SINGLE VISIT treatment involving micro etching along with carefully mimicking of the white lines in the tooth to match colour, with direct tooth coloured composites in multiple layers did the trick and boy went for a HEALTHY SMILE AGAIN.

Case 5

A 26-year-old girl searching for a job in Calgary when recession hit us, came to our office with these gaps in her lower front teeth, which are there since 6 yrs., after her braces were finished because of relapse, as she was not able to wear retainers after treatment. After she declined repeat ortho treatment, a MULTIPLE anterior space closure was performed in ONE APPOINTMENT again with micro-etching and carefully selected shades of tooth coloured composites. Patient was delighted with results, so were we… At the time of posting these pics she was working with very reputed engineering company.

Case 6

A 62-year-old young lady came to our office for a consult to improve her smile. She didn’t like the shape of her teeth and also, black triangle spaces between her front teeth and a big asymmetric gap between her teeth on right side with a failing discoloured fill on tooth 11. She wants durable lasting solution without spending a lot.

After she declined anterior crowns again a MULTIPLE anterior space closure was performed in ONE APPOINTMENT again with, special bio-clear matrix system, micro-etching and carefully selected shades of tooth coloured composites – Virtually NO CUTTING of tooth structure was performed. Patient husband was more pleased than her, of course she was thrilled as well …as we were able to restore CONFIDENCE in her SMILE BACK…

Case 7

A 43 year old lady came in with complaint that her husband didn’t like the black triangle between her upper front teeth .After she declined orthodontic treatment ,the space was closed in ONE SITTING with esthetic composite fillings using micro-etching & bio-clear matrix system, creating perfect blend of shades which is hard to SEE with naked EYE. Hubby was very thankful with happy wife as well…

What Our Patients Say About Us

I am not an easy patient or one that’s generally comfortable at the Dentist, so I greatly appreciate the way TruSmile Dental goes above and beyond to treat me as a person, not just another number through the door. The staff are incredibly friendly, the office is immaculately clean and my appointments have been on time and painless. Thank you TruSmile Dental for making going to the dentist a little bit more comfortable! Specially Dr. Gurmukh is very knowledgeable & Approachable!

Raj Narang

I would very highly recommend Dr. Sahi and his team. I had dental and orthodontic work done from him and I am seeing amazing results! He is very patient and attentive to the needs of his patients. He thoroughly takes the time to explain procedures, carefully listens to any questions, and concerns. He has a genuine interest in his patient’s wellbeing .His office is very organized and his staff is very friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and courteous.I had a phobia for going to the dentist. However from the moment I sat in the chair Dr. Sahi made me feel at ease. He was very professional and skilled and made the entire appointment a breeze. I can't think of someone more qualified to fill his shoes. Best dental clinic I have ever been to!

Raman Sidhu

Amazing new office I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Drs and all the staff are knowledgeable and caring about this office goes above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable and at ease. The office is beautiful and brand new and clean I can’t wait to refer all my friends and family here Good job to this wonderful team

JJ Kha

To be honest I’m sad that the Starbucks is gone but on the bright side the location is highly convenient for a dentist considereding superstore has there optometrist and walk in clinic. The staff member I spoke with to book my appointment was extremely friendly and helpful.

Ash Taverner

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We’re so happy to share this good news with you. If you have an appointment this week or sometime in the future, you’ll be able to keep it. If you missed your appointment because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll be in touch shortly to reschedule it (if we haven’t already).

I want you to take a minute to let you know what to expect if you have an appointment scheduled with us in the next while. Our office is going to be very busy as we catch up from the sudden shutdown period. We still want your experience to be the very best it can be.

  • We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Please come to our practice on your own, if you can.
  • If you want to reschedule, please call us.

Please contact us through our Facebook Page, website www.trusmiledental.ca, and phone calls (587) 997-9323 for those of you who are due for your recall appointments.

From all of us at TruSmile Dental, we thank you for your loyalty and support, and for entrusting our team with your family’s smile needs. It’s really a privilege to serve you.

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